Monday, 19 June 2017

I want to touch on the subject about racism

prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.
  1. "a program to combat racism"

    synonyms:racial discrimination, racialism, racial prejudice, xenophobiachauvinismbigotrycasteism
    "Aborigines are the main victims of racism in Australia"
    • the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.
      noun: racism

  2. Racism , I've noticed the change , and raise in people judging others because of there race or colour , and its very concerning how serious it is getting people are being judged , called names , and labelled because of there race , colour , and background , and its disheartening to see the raise and change we are all human regardless of our race colour , and background , and even gender I've also notice not only the racism but others judging others because of there gender , and its crazy to me this is Canada , and it seems like things are changing , and people are being turned down on places to rent because of there race , and colour , and I've noticed how certain races are judging people , and using verbal , mental , emotional , and even physical abuse , and violence , and using racial slurs , and provoking , and triggering others that are another race or colour then they are i watched an incident the other day , and the rcmp or police didn't do anything they always have an excuse or reason , and after the police left the police returned again , and this person threatened this other persons life , and again the rcmp and police did nothing it turned pretty violent , and what is it going to take for the rcmp , and police to do something? i guess the rcmp and police would proffer for something to happen to 1 of the parties then the rcmp and police will do something it shouldn't have to take for something to happen for the rcmp and police to do something how many times do the rcmp and police have to be called i did some reading regarding this , and this is a serious matter , and in some cases things can turn bad where someone ends up assaulted , stabbed , and or even shot when tempers are high , and people are not in there right state of mind it can be like throwing gasoline on a fire , and i just don't know why no one else is talking about this or addressing this because I've seen the change , and I've seen it get worse people are being pushed away pushed out rejected and evicted from there rentals and homes because of another race making it about race and colour , and judging another human being base off there race colour , and background , and even gender , and it really honestly bothers me that its being left on noticed , and not acknowledged , and i mean I'am not shocked the rcmp and police aren't doing anything that's typical they don't want to do there job there to lazy they don't want to write reports and send them to the courts to have them processed in front of a judge , and have this people creating this issues , and concerns held accountable because that's just to much work for them to do , and they don't want to do the right thing to be totally honest it scares me how serious it has gotten and how its worsened over the past few years , and seems to only be getting worse these people that are being racist towards another person or human being should be held accountable , and be charged the rcmp , and police talk about evidence document everything call the police or rcmp video tape it record it , and with enough evidence and prof we can go ahead with charges and so many times I've seen and read other stories where people did just that , and the police , and rcmp still come up with other excuses or reasons not to hold that person being racist accountable for there actions , and behavior towards another race or colour the police , and rcmp wonder why the crime rate is raising , and the violence is raising there is a problem here that there turning a blind eye , and I've even seen police , and rcmp offices be racist towards another person or human being that's a different race or colour then they are , and you wonder why people continue to act out in this type of behaviour will for 1 the police , and rcmp aren't doing anything alot issues i address and talk about in my posts on my blog are about the rcmp , and police not doing there job , and just not caring the rcmp and police don't want to write up reports that's to much work for them they don't want to solve or serve or protect times have change , people have changed , and so have the rcmp and police , and it just seems like things are falling apart slowly but surely we are all humans no matter what race , color , background or gender we are but it just doesn't seem that way anymore I've been seeing , hearing and reading more and more incidents regarding racism , and other people and humans being racist towards  one another , and i just want to address those 2 things because as i mentioned i noticed a change and raise in both i hope that things change , and get better but it just doesn't seem that way , and i just want to state it goes both ways.

  1. 1.
    a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

    "the comments have led to her being called a racist"
    synonyms:racial bigot, racialist, xenophobe, chauvinistsupremacist
  1. 1.showing or feeling discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or believing that a particular race is superior to another.
  2. "we are investigating complaints about racist abuse at the club"

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Kerri Krysko : Kerri on , and Kerried away

Kerri on , Kerried away : Kerri Krysko
My dad gave me Kerri Krysko's 1st book Kerri on , and i have to say it was very relate able , and very we'll written , and honestly i couldn't put it down its eye opening , and shows , and proves how tough Kerri truly is , and i have to give her credit for not only having the courage but the strength to write her 1st book to have to relive all of that by writing about it is not an easy thing to do , and then to write her 2nd book Kerried away again both books i couldn't put them down , and the words of wisdom she shares , and again i have to be honest it was hard to read at times but i can say i can really relate to her , and things she went through not only in her first book but second book to , and i have to say to those with there ridiculous comments referring to her books bashing Kerri you wouldn't be able to live a day in her shoes what she went through , and continues to go through those memories stick with you forever , and for her to have the courage to write her 2 books , and I am still waiting on her 3rd its not easy reliving those memories , and remembering the torment she went through everyday the mental emotional verbal and physically abuse is enough to break a person down but Kerri pushed through i did read both books page to page , and knowing , and reading what she went through shes a true survivor , and people woman , and men should respect her for having the courage to not only write 2 books but another 1 on the way Kerri thanks for having the courage and strength to share your story.

Ashley smith CBC The fifth estate

I watched this video by CBC the fifth estate , and i don't agree with the title of the video Ashley Smith : out of control i don't feel she was out of control nor was she an out of control teen she clearly had mental health issues , and behavioural problems and never got the proper help support , and treatment.

This is a link to the video , and story of Ashley Smith by CBC news :

CBC News reports :
Ashley Smith was a troubled 19-year-old when she choked herself to death with a strip of cloth at Grand Valley Institution in Kitchener, Ontario. Her death made national headlines and led to a scathing report by Canada’s federal prison ombudsman. Now, through exclusive access to prison video exposing Ashley’s treatment in custody, the fifth estate shares the story of this young woman’s harrowing life and the circumstances surrounding her death.
                        Prison Radio Communication :
And in the video guards says: Smith is currently laying on the floor with a ligature tied around her neck shes trying to choke her self out shes in the crack behind the door ... or behind the bed , and the recording continues and they just ah patrol just went in with them and... (...)'s at the camera ... So did they talk to you ? Ah... they haven't gone in the cell yet , have they? NO. Okay Well as long as shes breathing then we don't need to go in. That's all they told me , that she put a ligature around her neck Yeah.Okay Aright. THEY HAD NO CHOICE OUR MEMBERS WHERE TOLD THEY WERE TOLD NOT TO ENTER HER CELL TILL SHE STOP BREATHING Prison Radio communication again states: as long as shes breathing we don't need to go in Okay.Okay. We'll Phone you before we open the door. Unless you know that she ... Yeah she suddenly Stopped breathing  , Then go ahead. 12 Minutes later Ashley Smith is not moving ...Opening cell one .. Ashley Smiths step mother said they went in and come out and went in and come out , and nobody approach Ashley Smith Prison radio communication continues to say : call the nurse for health care assessment ASAP CBC news reporter says : there were 7 guards who watch for 30 Minutes Watched a 19 year old young girl kill her self! The Man Says they didn't want to stand outside her cell and watch her die but like the CBC news reporter says : BUT THEY DID!

Ashley Smith was barely into her teens when she was sent to a youth detention centre in her home province of New Brunswick. Her crime: she had tossed crabapples at a mailman. Smith’s one-month sentence would stretch to almost four years, served in 11 institutions in 5 provinces.
To tell Ashley’s story, the fifth estate fought for and gained access to shocking prison video, showing Smith being subdued by physical force, pepper sprayed, and cocooned in a completely restrictive body bag called “the wrap”. The longer Smith was confined to her various segregation cells, the worse her behaviour became and the more extreme, and frequent, the punishments. What she really needed was mental health assessment and treatment. She never got it.

Happy fathers dad to all the dads out there

And i have to especially say happy fathers day to my godfather soon to be dad!

                                         Dennis Watson :
Happy Fathers Day! i love you godfather soon to be dad your such an amazing father figure and role model in my life , and my hero and i love you!

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Another witness , and victim that was in the witness protection program killed :
Mack was stabbed multiple times in his upper torso in a crack house on Winthrop Private on July 23. Police arrested the sole suspect in the killing, then released him without charges, believing he acted in self-defense, stabbing Mack only after the now-dead man with two identities pulled out a fake gun. The investigation remains open, but charges are unlikely.

Unbelievable another witness that was in the witness protection program killed , and police arrest the sole suspect in the killing of Mack then RELEASE HIM WITHOUT CHARGERS believing the suspect acted in self defence , and then claims he pulled out a fake gun "only the truth makes sense , and non this makes sense therefore i don't find this to be true one bit its just another witness , and victim that cooperated with the rcmp police , and witness protection program , and loses hes life , and i believe the rcmp , police , and witness protection program should be responsible for this mans life , and i believe they had something to do with Mack's death!


Friday, 16 June 2017

Accuser testifies at sexual assault trial of former B.C. Mountie Tim Shields

CBC News is reporting :

    Accuser testifies at sexual assault trial of former B.C. Mountie Tim Shields

The complainant in a sexual assault case against former RCMP inspector Tim Shields took the stand Thursday at the retired Mountie's trial in Vancouver Provincial Court the woman — who can't be named because of a court-ordered publication ban was a civilian employee in the same department as Shields She started work there in February 2008. The woman claims she was assaulted in a locked bathroom at the RCMP's B.C. headquarters in Vancouver in 2009. She has since left the force. In her morning testimony, the woman spent most of the time detailing her duties while working for the RCMP. She says she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the fall of 2013.
Tim Shields you are a sick fuck once again another former Rcmp police officer (Inspector) with a sexual assault case on his belt the cops in BC and not only BC but Canada the things they think they can do and get away with because they have a badge , and a gun seriously you take away that badge and gun and you ain't shit! this shit makes me sick and you wonder why people don't trust the rcmp or police! this is a pure example why! and all i have to say is karma is a bitch I am done here!

Gangsters out blog : Dennis Watson Thats my Godfather soon to be Dad

Gangster out blog : Dennis Watson :
Is my godfather , and soon to be my dad he came in my life at a rough time , and took me in like a daughter , and honestly I'am so grateful to not only have an amazing godfather but soon to be dad! people come in our life's for a reason , and i know he came in my life for a reason i had this empty void and he filled that empty void of not having a dad in my life , and i know I'am safe , and protected with him he saved my life.

Love you Godfather , soon to be Dad.