Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Just watch the video!

watched this video  
I just want to say be careful what you say to those that you say you love and care about because it could be the the last words you speak , and it could be the last time you see them or hear their voice dont take those you love and care about for granted and just listen to what she says in the video and the words she speaks because what she says couldnt be said any better! 

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Is it : Plagiarism?

When a persons gathers information from a source or victim you most give credit to that source or victim.
Meaning that credit doesn't go to that person who writes about that information that person has no credit without that source or victim , and what really gets me is when a person gathers information from a source or victim that person will speak about that information just like that source or victim did using phrases , and speaking just like that person would and quoting things like that source or victim would total Plagiarism IMO!
Give credit where credit is due, meaning the acknowledgment should be to the person who deserves it not the person who wrote it you know how hard it is for sources or victims to open up to anyone and most sources or victims do not just open up to anyone earthier they must really trust that person to give such personal information , and such private information and to open up and tell you such information isn't easy for most victims and sources some sources that are victims dont want to be a source they just want someone to listen to them hear them and acknowledge them.
And those that email me and tell me information i will never take credit for information for those that gave me information that is just wrong so to those that email me just know i would never do that i have had it happen to me the last couple of months , and i have come to my last straw and one more post , and one more thing i will be posting the truth because this person shouldn't be taking information that i privately told that person , and it wasn't meant to be posted on the internet this person never once asked me they just went ahead and posted things i told them in confidence i thought this person would keep it between us and no one else , and this person has let a lot slips not only in front of others but on the internet , and it needs to stop or i am going to post about this person , and show and prove how much this person betrayed me , and how they betrayed me , and used me it needs to stop you want to use the internet to exploit me ill do the same to you and will see how creditable you are , and how much credit you have in the information you post maybe its time you feel what it feels like to be betrayed , lied to , and hurt by a person you trusted and confided in out of confidence which turns out that means nothing to you could careless but to take other peoples stories , and spin them off with your own little twist which is sick and twisted to take a vulnerable person such as my self , and not to mention the words you called me FYI thats abuse its called mental , emotional , and psychological abuse , and total mental emotional and psychological torment.  

Monday, 5 February 2018

Lindsay Buziak

Dateline ID Episode :

I Honestly do not think Matt had anything to do with Lindsay's murder i think Jason is the one that had her murdered think about it Jason did not go to the home or inside the home to make sure hes girlfriend was safe instead he drives up front then moves to the side the house , and waits over 30 minutes before checking on Lindsay and Jason said he had a feeling something was wrong , and then he goes to the side the house to get hes friend to hop over the fence to go through the back door , and how does he know the back door was open? how come he never checked the windows? then after having hes friend goes and opens the back door and lets Jason in at the front door Jason goes back to the front and waits at the front door , and then runs up the stairs , and finds Lindsay in the bedroom on the second floor why didnt he check the main floor? he went straight to the bedroom on the second floor how would he know where Lindsay was? and the way Jason has acted after Lindsay was stabbed to death he showed no emotion he sounds like a narcissist , and a sociopath , and i think Jason knew Lindsay was going to leave him , and Jason couldn't handle that if he couldn't have Lindsay no one else could Matt was very open and honest about him and Lindsay's relationship he said Lindsay was feisty , and I believe Lindsay got feisty with Jason , and Jason did not like that , and it was a punch to his ego that Lindsay did not want to be with him anymore Jason may think he got away with murder but the truth always comes out , and eventually Jason will be arrested and charged and held accountable i do not believe hes story hes story does not add up only the truth makes sense , and hes behavior , actions , and choices before Lindsay was stabbed to death and after Lindsay was stabbed to death makes no sense , and only the truth makes sense and the truth will come out , and those responsible will be arrested and charged with murder i do not believe Jason did this alone i believe he had help and those that are involved will be charged including Jason.

Lindsays Father has created a website :

                              RIP Lindsay Buziak                                    

Monday, 29 January 2018

Dede Croy Realtor and Groomer

Dede Croy on youtube is amazing i love her and her work she does i have learned a lot from her , and her videos i wanted to share her youtube channel , and other links to her social media pages and website to support her , and share her informational , educational videos with others out there that want to learn how to groom there own dogs! 
Dede Croy provides all the tools you need to do grooming all her products , and tools are provided below in the links.

Here are links to Dede Croy youtube channel , and other social media pages :

Make a donation here:

Thanks Dede For uploading the video how to groom a papillon I was waiting patiently for this video :